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Fun with wildlife

The mangetout peas that Sally sowed a few weeks back have failed to germinate… I have a strong suspicion that this may be because they aren’t there anymore, having been snaffled by a passing rodent. Stupid mice… The metal grids are over a first row of carrot seeds put in today. Very small seed, soContinue reading “Fun with wildlife”

Waiting for the sequel

Apparently its going to get a bit chilly in the next few days, to say the least. “The Beast From The East 2” is on its way. Sequels are often a bit underwhelming, and this one will apparently be slightly less cold than the original in 2018. We shall see… With this in mind, itContinue reading “Waiting for the sequel”

Choosing hope

Just written a post on our sister blog site Allotofwords which you might like to read here – not strictly plot 11A business, but I suppose I could stretch a point and say it IS about trees…

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