We like cats really!

So, full of enthusiasm yesterday evening, we started clearing one of the raised beds on plot 11A. One of the allotment committee had promised us some sprout plants to get us going, and so Sally pitched in with fork and hand to clear the (really very impressively sized) bindweed roots from our prospective sprout central. After a few minutes she stood up, and said “there’s rather a lot of cat poo in this bed you know – and I probably should have worn gloves…”


Gallant as ever, I drove the car home, opened the back door, and turned on the tap, in preparation for Sally arriving on foot with her cat scented hands…

Back today with bin bags, GLOVES!, and a bottle of anti-bac just in case.

Cat eggs removed – check

3 sprouts planted – check

anti cat/pigeon defences courtesy of the nice lady on the next door plot – check

Bring it on, Tibbles – your move…

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