Tabby sage rosemary and thyme…

Weeding and anti-cat defences continue apace. We have now cleared two of the raised beds of weeds (and cat eggs…) and a new improved defence system installed on the latest one.

Get through that lot the you little ….

The local tabby cat (aka Prime Suspect) nearly gave me a heart attack this afternoon, by creeping up unannounced and brushing against my leg. Twice. He/she seems little bothered by defences Mark 2. We shall see…

The sage in the corner of the plot was eating the path and in danger of needing its own postcode if it got any bigger, so this has now been given a preliminary chop back.

Mega sage

Sally’s rosemary cuttings from the Trinity church garden have mostly rooted successfully, and have now been potted up and are growing in in the bit outside our back door that we refer to as “nursery corner”. Apparently there is a shortage of rosemary plants as they are not being imported because of some disease or other, so these might be in some demand!

And the orange scented thyme seeds which Sally sowed last week are just starting to germinate in their seed tray on our conservatory windowsill. Well, at least two have. Maybe. When plants are only a couple of millimetres high its anyone’s guess really isn’t it?

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