If you go down to the plot today…

… Not sure that you’ll get that much of a surprise if I’m honest, but things are definitely progressing!

The work of tidying and clearing continues apace, as we spend about an hour a day on Operation Bindweed. In the meantime we have planted a few things, not so much in the expectation that they will amount to much, but just so that we can know that we have planted something.

The brussel sprouts now have Calendula “Lemon Cream” next to them, in the hope that any passing aphids that decide not to carry on passing will go for them instead – we are growing Calendula in our garden at home for similar reasons, as well as for their flowers. As you can see the sprouts have put on quite a bit of weight since planting, but we are now entering peak Cabbage White Butterfly season, which past experience shows can lead to quite a battle…

Cat defences replaced about 10 seconds later…

The 11A sign now has two “Teddy Bear” sunflower plants next to it, which are a small (3-5 foot) type of sunflower.

Teddy Bear Sunflowers

Finally, we have put in two sweet pepper plants into one of the raised beds – we seem to eat a lot of peppers these days, so if they make anything of themselves the fruits are guaranteed a home.

Sweet peppers

As you can see from the defences, still running in parallel with Operation Bindweed is Operation Oi Cat Clear Off…

Incidentally, for anyone in the area – the plants all came from a stall selling plants outside a house in Dover Road Walmer (near the Thompson Bell pub) – all proceeds go to a Moldovan relief charity. They have really good plants and its well worth a visit!

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