August (it is still for a few more hours!) update

The “Teddy Bear” sunflowers have started to flower, there’s an actual pepper on one of the sweet pepper plants, the apples look ripe (but hopefully they aren’t yet, as they still taste like cotton wool to be honest…) and the rudbeckias are flowering!

Teddy Bear sunflower
This is really close, but quite small, Dougal…
Appleus Cottonwoolii
Bum! (its a rude beckia…)

And as for the hops? Well…

We inherited the hops when we took over the plot, but our neighbour from the next plot along assures us that they, like hers, are part of the Deal Hop Farm project. She has offered to harvest them and put them in with hers next week, so we will be contributing them to actual beer brewing! They actually look quite an impressive size as you can see…

Scientific proof that they are not small…

We plan to join the Hop Farm in our own right next year – cheap beer – whats not to like?

Meanwhile, lets end on a quiz question – what is the connection between Sally saving toilet roll inserts and Vicia faba? Answers on a toilet roll insert to…

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