Overly wintry, and over-wintering crops

Blimey its cold and windy here! A lot of the cotton wool apples have blown off the trees. Oh well…

Wrapped up dry(ish) and warm to plant out the “toilet roll tube as seed module” broad beans (a variety called Wizard) yesterday.

Wizard use of old toilet roll tubes…

Went back today to put in three bulbs from this year’s garlic crop.

There is garlic planted here – honest!

With the Augusta onion seeds that Sally planted a few weeks back now showing above ground, and the sprout plants finally having actual sprouts on them, we are really getting set for winter on plot 11A.

It’s an onion – honest!

And the new shed will arrive on….. the 18th December! Apparently getting a shed has become “the thing to do” during the pandemic – who knew?

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