Spring cabbages of mystery

Finally got round to installing the new posts and wires this afternoon to tie in the raspberry canes.

While we were there, a very nice man came past plot 11A and offered us some spring cabbages. There were two varieties, but he’d lost the labels so didn’t know which were which. “Never mind” we said, and gratefully took six of each off his hands. We then promptly forgot what either were called… One type may be “Duncan”, which research shows is an F1 spring greens type if you cut them early enough. No idea about the other sort though. (Barry? Brian? Gary?)

Anyway, a bit of vigorous fork work, and removal of about a wheelbarrow full of bindweed root as thick as a pencil later, we were ready to plant up our free cabbages!

Duncans and Garys with their anti-cat defences (Mark 1 type)
Anti cat defences Mark 2 – leaf mould!

As you can see we changed our minds about the anti-cat defences, as we realised that the bit of ground that we dug and then covered with leaf mould last week does not appear to enticed any cats as yet. Although to be fair it might be a bit hard to spot if it had, so…

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