Festive circle of life

Went to the allotment today to harvest sprouts for the first time this year – some for us and some for our friends, whose eldest daughter is a fan. At least she always said she was, but then come Christmas Eve when we all gathered for a meal she tended to eat one and then studiously ignore the others on her plate… Sadly we will not be gathering in person this year, but we will “Zoom” for the opening of presents, which should be fun! Picked the sprouts but left the stalk in the ground so that we can return for the sprout tops at some time, which are delicious cooked like cabbage (which makes sense I suppose, as that is what they are…)

Spot the mutant sprouts left behind…

And to quote Kermit/Bob Cratchit – “life is made up of meetings and partings, it is the way of it”. So in addition to “hello sprouty goodness” its “goodbye” to at least part of our Amazon mountain of cardboard. (Other multinationals who don’t pay much tax are also available…)

Not sure how compostable the sealing tape is to be honest – we shall see!

As Monty Don suggests, if you want good compost then a goodly proportion of “brown stuff” is required in addition to green garden waste. I saw the local cat eyeing up the compost heap as I left – there is such a thing as “good brown stuff” and then there is “bad brown stuff”…

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