Armasheddon! (well nearly…)

December 18th 2020 – shed is delivered and built by Eagle Sheds.

December 26th to 27th – Storm Bella drops a fence on it…

Our kind neighbour Vanessa from the plot next to us phoned earlier to say that she had tried to shift the panel off the shed but couldn’t do it. Having inspected the scene it looks like the fence panel has jammed against the shed, but not actually damaged or shifted it on it’s base, which is a relief.

Still, if further proof was needed that the year 2020 “can do one” as far as we are concerned, there it is. The fence had been a bit “fragile” since we took over the plot, (the other panel in the above picture was leaning like that before Bella dropped in) but now the owners of the house next door might need to have a bit of a look at it.

It really was rather windy last night…

thats some chunk of concrete…

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