Fun with wildlife

The mangetout peas that Sally sowed a few weeks back have failed to germinate…

(still) nothing to see here

I have a strong suspicion that this may be because they aren’t there anymore, having been snaffled by a passing rodent.

Stupid mice…

The metal grids are over a first row of carrot seeds put in today. Very small seed, so hopefully not worthy of the local mouse population taking an interest. Hopefully.

I removed the netting tunnel from our (now growing on quite nicely) spring cabbages about 3 days ago. Long enough for the local sky rats to have visited.

shredded cabbage – just add mayonnaise for coleslaw.

Stupid pigeons…

I have now installed our patented “Slimline tonic bottles rattling on a stick” defences around the cabbages – take some more of the cabbages now, pigeons! (And no doubt, with a slightly bemused “what’s that rattling noise?” look on their beaky little faces, they probably will…)

The above-mentioned metal grids are also an anti-cat fouling measure – there are cats EVERYWHERE at our allotments. Who presumably have no strong opinions about mice and pigeons putting themselves about as they see fit.

Stupid cats…

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