Sally is a GP working in East Kent. When she isn’t working, gardening or allotmenting she likes to play the harp, work on her latest sewing project, or watch the bumblebees that have nested at the bottom of our garden this summer.

Andy was a Customs officer for over 30 years, retiring somewhat early in 2015. He enjoys kayaking, fishing, walking, playing guitar and bass, all of them at a lower standard than he would like… He is also tries to write the occasional thing or two, which you can see at allotofwords.wordpress.com (See what I did there? Get a load of me with the “branding”!)

Rather improbably, in the summer of 2020 they discovered the joys of running, having both completed a “Couch to 5K” programme. If you had told either of them before this that they would run for fun, and without actually being hunted down by something unpleasant, they would have laughed in your face.

They have lived in the same house in sunny Deal for the last 25 years, having moved 5 times in the previous 5 years. You can only pick up your own washing machine and put it in a van so many times before the novelty fades… add another page.

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