Fun with wildlife

The mangetout peas that Sally sowed a few weeks back have failed to germinate… I have a strong suspicion that this may be because they aren’t there anymore, having been snaffled by a passing rodent. Stupid mice… The metal grids are over a first row of carrot seeds put in today. Very small seed, soContinue reading “Fun with wildlife”

Choosing hope

Just written a post on our sister blog site Allotofwords which you might like to read here – not strictly plot 11A business, but I suppose I could stretch a point and say it IS about trees…

The Eagle (shed) has landed!

Well, the big day on plot 11A finally arrived. Met the guys from Eagle Sheds at the allotments this morning, and about an hour later… SHED! No,look, THERE! Thank you to everyone who contributed to Sally’s birthday shed. Finally somewhere to shelter from the excesses of Deal winter weather – hurrah!

Bedtime for asparagus

Spent a couple of hours clearing and chopping the mini forest of asparagus that we inherited with the plot. We seem to have been fortunate in inheriting a mature and productive bed, but it needed a little care before the winter really starts to bite. The chopped up bits of fern have now pretty muchContinue reading “Bedtime for asparagus”

King Edward the 8!

Our first genuine “we planted it” crop from plot 11A (as opposed to “things we found when we got there”) is a very respectable 2818 grams of King Edward maincrop potatoes! Not bad from 8 seed potatoes which Sally’s Dad Noel had left over from our twinned plot in Seabrook! Noel reckons it looks likeContinue reading “King Edward the 8!”


See – we did plant some! Was starting to wonder if I’d dreamt it, or maybe it had all been dug up by person(s)/rodent(s)/cat(s) unknown! Well, at least one clove is giving it a go anyway… *Peter Kay is great, isn’t he?


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