Waiting for the sequel

Apparently its going to get a bit chilly in the next few days, to say the least. “The Beast From The East 2” is on its way. Sequels are often a bit underwhelming, and this one will apparently be slightly less cold than the original in 2018. We shall see…

With this in mind, it was either now, or probably not this week for the harvesting of our last few sprouts, so I took a wander down to the plot this morning. Disappointingly, next door’s fence is still leaning up against our new shed, but these are strange times, and maybe we need to wait a bit longer for some action on that front. We shall (also) see…

While I was there, I finally got around to winter pruning the cotton wool apple trees, in the hope that we can improve the crop (or more accurately the taste of the crop) next year. They now look more like the espalier type that we want them to be, and maybe they will taste better if the tree grows a few less massive apples? We shall (again) see…

Cotton wool apple 1
Cotton wool apple 2

We have also set our Vivaldi and King Edward potatoes chitting.

spud u like

And then – we shall seed…

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